A More Considered Approach to E61 Flow Control - Page 3

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I think the ECM one does.


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So the I drink coffee website will not ship ecm flow control to USA. Any other options for the ECM kit out there?

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This company is easy to deal with. I think the price in Australian $$ has gone up a bit since early pandemic but the full kit arrived (Profitec for me) as expected with shipping delays.

EDIT: - I see my link dod not come through when I posted.

https://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/sho ... -regulator


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This site located in Calgary, Alberta sells the flow control device. They have black or white gauge face color.
It seems to be out of stock as I write that.
I ordered mine from them for my Synchronika and used the longer handle.

Here is the link, sorry I forgot the first time: https://coffeeaddicts.ca/products/coffe ... 391a&_ss=r


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What results are people getting with the ECM flow control device; and any hints and tips?


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Biggest bit of advice from me is, find stock flow position, for me it is 1.25 of a turn from closed. I dial my beans using stock flow, once my grind is dialed in then I start to play. Until you get real comfortable with it I would definitely start every new bean this way. If you don't know how to find the stock position, search YouTube for WLL flow control videos.