Moonraker owners - how many times do you spin?

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#1: Post by Espressmyself »

How many times do you spin your Moonraker? I've seen earlier comments that the optimal is 10 full revolutions. I've found my typical spin is half a revolution, which means me spinning it 20x to get the full 10 revs. In looking at a recent Weber video, it shows just four quarter spins (ie 1 rev). I've also tried 5 full revs, with results similar to 10 full revs.


#2: Post by NewCoffeeGuy1 »

I've been messing around with this. Seems like I get good results at 5+ full revolutions. So I go to 10 because it doesn't seem to get any worse!

BTW I just noticed today that there's one needle that doesn't move at all. The one around the outside edge. Have you noticed that?? Seems like it goes against the entire logic of the MR to just spin at a fixed radius from the center.