Milk frother

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Postby kv12 » Nov 08, 2018, 7:53 am

hello ,

i purchased a philips senseo milk twister for making cappuccinos but i'm not getting the result i want out of it.

what i want is hot milk with 50/50 milk foam or perhaps less milk foam , 30% orso.

but i get 70% milk foam and only 30% warm milk .

quality of the foam looks good though!

Not sure there is much to do to reach my goal here ? anyone some experience with this?

(i have a cheap de longhi dedica ec685 machine and use illy ESE servings only
Maybe it's not a real cappuccino but i like a single shot espresso from the ese with twice as much warm milk and same amount of foam(more or less) milk foam as espresso....