Measuring Espresso Volume

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Just have a quick question. I decided to measure my extraction ratio. I am using 18 grams of coffee and weigh 1.5 ounces of espresso. My question is do I call the measurement 1.5 ounces when the crema reaches the 1.5 mark or when the dark espresso under the crema reaches the 1.5 mark? I have been using the espresso reaching the 1.5, not the crema, and getting 39 grams of espresso.

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For measuring the brew ratio, use weight, not volume. From Brewing ratios for espresso beverages:


You can measure volume if you like, but since crema volume varies widely, it's not really that informative.
Dan Kehn

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As Dan notes, use weight (not volume). Your brew ratio is 18/39 = 46%, well within the normale range.