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Yes, both, but assuming the taste you're getting is of 'bright bitters' (see 101) you probably want to go a little coarser and run longer to 45g. Longer ratio lets the sugars develop.

It might be worth looking up examples of what a stream looks like when it runs transparent, and running a shot long enough to stop by visual appearance. Trying several extremes or widely different ratios would be a useful learning experience, especially when you have a coffee you're feeling familiar and somewhat successful with. Another good learning tool is a 'salami shot.'
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It seems like a grinder issue, but is very hard to diagnose without some more information.

Exactly what grinder make and model are you using

What is the overall adjustment range on the grinder (for example, 0 to 30)?

Describe what you're seeing when you say "choked" - little to no flow out of the portafilter?

Are you purging the grinder between grind size adjustments?

Generally, I think larger adjustments help when initially dialing in. Try to find the bounds of over- and under-extraction. Then make finer adjustments from there.

Here are some dial-in tips from April Coffee out of Copenhagen: