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Hi Everyone,

I just bought the VBM Domobar Super Electronic(about a week) and would like to get an advise on the pressure profile setting for different type of beans. I am very new to brewing espresso coffee and my previous machine is a straight 9 bar pressure which i dont have the control. I read a lot of good thing about the pressure profile can bring up a different taste level of the coffee. Thus i would like to ask if anyone can share their profile that i can try out in my new machine. My current bean is typically medium or dark-medium. Thanks.

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Did you buy the new digital machine?

or the older Domobar Super with the electric as opposed to manual brew control?

If the former, troll here for Decent, LM, etc. profiles and configure the profiles. Be sure to keep notes as to what the profiles are for as they cannot be named.

If the latter, not possible

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It is the new digital machine without the lever.

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I would download the Decent Espresso app from here https://decentespresso.com/downloads and try to replicate some of the profiles (some need to be enabled first)

For a medium dark roast you are probably best with a short preinfusion, then a peak to 8 bar and a slow decreasing pressure towards 3 bars at the end of the shot. 30 seconds 1:2 ratio should be good

IIRC you have 7 segments to configure in that machine so they should suffice

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Thanks for sharing this and will try to download and play around with my VBM.


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Can anyone share some profiles ?