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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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This is what I observed and been doing for a year, on home vibratory pump machines I prefer the longer extraction times and shorter yield. Maybe even though it's still the same 9 bars, but rotary or even levers machines have much bigger water debit (I tend to grind much2 coarser on home machines to match the output).

TLDR: vibe pumps, go for longer extraction times.

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Language policing "espresso" is not a good look unless you're going after some new plastic gizmo that doesn't use pressure or something.

I find ristrettos are best when they take a while due to the requirement for their extraction on lighter coffee. My current Italian machine times out at 50s for extractions. It is extremely annoying to me and many other owners. My previous Italian machine was a lever and produced sweet chocolatey ristrettos averaging over 50s each that I'm sure any Italian would have liked.
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It's just me. I like to pretend to be barista and try to match the short preparation/extraction time and the standards requested in international championship. Obviously you can do whatever you want. If you likes it, it's ok! Happy caffeine!