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buckersss wrote:I thought it predominately hinged on using grounds that are more unimodal in their particle distribution. Cant 64mm MP burrs do almost as much justice to turbo shots as some 98mm burrs?
Yes, 64MP burrs are very high clarity and high/fast extraction, very similar to 98HU.

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I will have to save up for a good 80mm single dose.

Getting back into roasting I'm reading about and watching videos on profiling. The quick roast lower maillard reaction development profile for drip make for a dense roast. Theoretically they're better for long, slow extraction like drip to extract the sweetness, balance the acidity and pull more aromas out. For espresso the fast high pressure extraction tends to not extract enough sweetness and proportionally more acidity for a shot that can taste sour. It seems like a long very low pressure preinfusion similar to a drip at a medium to high temperature could release more sweetness before applying a pressure at a ramp down to limit acidity. I wouldn't expect much crema and you'd have to grind pretty fine to avoid a turbo.

Omni roasts that are favoured commercially for a roast with an in between roast profile for drip and espresso could be easier to extract with sweetness. They'd look light but have more maillard development before and/or after first crack making them more water soluble for faster high pressure extraction.
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