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I just got my Bianca today and it's my first machine after I tried the BDB for a few days but returned. As of right now the BDB seemed easier to use but I love the quality and looks of the Bianca. I mostly use medium to darker roasts. My questions are

1) The temp came set a 201 F would you lower it to 195 or so?
2) What would you set the steam temp at? I only make 1 milk drink a day.
3) didn't realiza Bianca doesn't include a milk jug. I need a 16 ounce one (brevilles was perfect) that won't break the bank.
4) do you use the automated features on the LCC? For example I have the preinfusion as 5 seconds and off at 3"?
5) I have no clue what to do with the flow rate start and final on the lcc so I have it of for now. What do I do with it?
6) I plan to plumb it in a week or so, would a generic in line filter like the one Chris coffee sells be as good as the more expensive BWT filter everyone recommends.

I am a beginner so excuse me if my questions are a bit...basic.
As of right now I am using the paddle fully open to the right but my pucks are kind of wet :/

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1) Brew temp - depends on the coffee. This isn't really a machine question per se. As a general rule the darker the roast, the lower the temp, but there are exceptions to every rule. 195 may be a reasonable starting point for a darker roast.

2) I think mine is at 265, I don't recall why I landed on that or how many bar that is. If you want to steam fast, you can max it out. If you want to use less electric or want to steam slower to work your technique, then turn it down.

4) Generally speaking most darker roasts don't benefit all that much from pre-infusion. I would probably just turn it off for now if you are using a darker roast. I am sure if you ask 10 forum members, you will get 10 different opinions.

5) I would probably leave it off to start and do it manually until you get a feel for it. With darker roasts I prefer to only ramp the pressure down as the shot progresses - more like a lever type shot. There are a zillion threads on pressure/flow profiles so dig in and start reading. again, 10 people = 10 opinions on what is best.

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Thanks again for your reply! I spent the last 3 hours reading about pressure profiling. I think I need to write them down as like you said there are so many. The one that sticks out and is easier to remember is the lever type that you recommended it. I am excited to try tomorrow. I have most of my auto settings off as I want to learn as much as possible.