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Compass Coffee

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Thanks for the excellent post and video. I'll be showing the video and giving soap a try for training at my cafe!
Mike McGinness, Head Bean (Owner/Roast Master)


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Very clear and straightforward instructions! I can hardly wait to try it.

Many thanks.


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Interesting, inexpensive way to practice steaming & pouring latte art. Enjoy.

http://baristavideo.magnify.net/video/H ... -Latte-art


#24: Post by Linthorn »

Been trying the soapy water and instant coffee method. Works somewhat, but boy it tastes terrible. I don't know how you guys can stand it. I'm going back to milk and espresso for my cappas. :mrgreen:
Dave Lynch

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Team HB

#25: Post by RapidCoffee replying to Linthorn »

Instant coffee, yuck. You need to use good quality coffee from a reputable roaster, freshly roasted and fresh ground. Personally, I find "skim" detergents repulsive. Try 2% or "whole" dish soap, and I think you'll be impressed with the difference. :lol:

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#26: Post by shadowfax »

For me, the biggest difference was definitely switching to organic detergent. 7th Generation is good, if you can get it. :wink:
Nicholas Lundgaard


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So that what that crap is for? I bought a case of it and now I can finally use it! Maybe I won't need a cleansing fast any more. Like getting a coffee enema and a clearing flush all from the same origin. :mrgreen:
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