Latte art with soy milk - impossible?

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#1: Post by BaristaMcBob »

I've seen it on youtube.
I've seen it in coffee shops.
I just haven't seen it in my own kitchen.

I tried every brand. No matter what, soy milk just forms a blotchy blob. What's the secret to making an appealing latte?


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Are u getting the barista varieties? Most of the alternatives need protein ( or something similar) added to be used for latte art.

BaristaMcBob (original poster)

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Yes, I've tried many brands. The latest was Edensoy, which has 12g protein per cup - the highest of the bunch.


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Seeing is believing. Could you post a video of your milk after it's hot? Show us your product & people with knowledge will chime in with tips. I don't attempt "art" per se.

BaristaMcBob (original poster)

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Okay, yes good idea. I'll get back to you guys with some photos. Bear in mind, though, I use the term "art" very very generically. What I mean is I can't get soy milk to form any shape whatsoever on the surface. It just forms a faint and shapeless blob. With normal milk, I am quite good. I can make rosettas, swans, and tulips. With soy milk, I can only make amoebas - barely. I'm out of soy milk at the moment, but will check back later. Thanks!


#6: Post by daviddecristoforo »

White blobs are all I've ever been able to achieve. My whole family is lactose intolerant so we have never had milk around. I'm tempted to get some just to see if I can get a good microfoam and anything resembling "art" out of my pours. I've tried just about every variant of soy and just about every other "alternative" available with no success. It might be my lack of technique but I have no benchmark to use for comparison. I have not tried "actual" milk simply because I would just have to toss it which seems wasteful. But now my curiosity is peaked so I will try it this weekend and see what happens.
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Not only does Oat milk (barista versions) foam better than Soy, it also tastes a thousand time better. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration.

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BaristaMcBob wrote:What's the secret to making an appealing latte?
Taste :?:

In shop #[insert big number]:
Moi: How's the latte?
Missus: It looked great :cry:

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#9: Post by iploya »

I don't like or drink soy milk, but now I want to get some just to try.

EDIT: Tried it! Frothing went well...the art pouring part, not really. For a split second it started to take shape, and just didn't hold together.

I didn't get the protein enriched kind, just whatever the wife brought home.


#10: Post by Bluenoser replying to iploya »

You need the enriched (Barista) ones.. I've used about 3 different ones.. oat, soy, almond.. they are not as good as milk, but I could do tulips pretty consistently.