Latte art pull through for hearts

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I have been trying to make a simple heart for about 3 weeks now and just can't seem to get the hang of it. My pull through doesn't really pull through very well so the top of the heart ends up with just a little dent at best. I've tried from different heights and varied my pour speed (though it could still be that I haven't got those right). Milk too stretched maybe?

Any ideas?


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You're not alone. I've yet to gain any command over the process, but like many things we attempt, I bet you figured it out a while ago, save just one or two missteps.

This was someone else's journey: Latte Art Beginner- Unable to find right advice

If you post pictures, you may inspire others to try.


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There will be several ideas shared for you. If you find time to show us via a little video of the pour, it would help you tremendously.
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