Latte art practice without espresso

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So I have my machine! I have my milk jug and even milk!

I don't have a grinder! Does anyone have a suggestion for what liquid I could pour milk into to practice latte art? I figure I might as well practice my milk texturing but wondering since I can't make espresso is there another liquid I could use to practice? Thinking regular coffee won't be thick enough.



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When I practice I usually use some milk with food coloring in it as my base. I know other people use soy sauce.

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Water and instant coffee.
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I would have bought a pre-grounded bag just to play with my machine rather than wait for the grinder to arrive. You might not be able to dial in your perfect shot but you will have a good base to play with your latte art :D

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Pre ground of like any cheap grind from the grocery?

Soy and colored milk seem like good options. Even instant coffee.

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Awesome. Thanks guys! I also found some preground espresso so I can at least practice and use the machine. Not expecting anything fantastic.


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Ive heard from other baristas that the cinammon trick works well