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I tried few time to make some pattern on my latte, the micro foam either separate from the milk, or foam somehow heavier than milk.

how can i have the milk and foam flow together to get pattern: any tips?


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Koffee Kosmo

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Get your micro-foam to a consistency of paint
This thickness is best for latte art

You can also split the foamed milk by decanting it to another jug I see baristas doing this

See this video for easy micro-foam method developed by me & performed by HB member Oton
And he did it one handed

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great video.
I tried the technique of moving the wand to one side and leaving it near the top of the milk to get a whirlpool effect in stead of just moving it to the bottom. It works very nicely.

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I found that it's no problem to have big gulps of air entering the first 10% of the process, as long as you spend the following 40% trying to whirlpool those bubbles under your steam wand which makes them disappear (which is surprisingly fun to do). Spend the last 50% with the wand deep inside the milk.
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d-blank (original poster)

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I never try to steam my milk at level like in the video, always tilted. I am going to try it later. micro foam comes very good result from the video.



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Koffe Kosmo,
Thanks for the video. I too have La Spaz. but no luck in using the four holes.
Can you please tell me what kind of milk are you using? Brand?

Also what is the size of the holes of your tip?

Much appreciate, I will try your way tonight. [moving it to the side]---Btw, it is better to station it with a block like in the video or use the hands to hold the pitcher?

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Koffee Kosmo

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It works with full cream or low fat milk equally well (In Australia I use Pura or Pauls)

Use a loose hand Simon
Oton (the video maker & La Spaz owner) used the block because he was holding the camera with the other hand :D

Here is the method

Stretching milk with a 4 hole steam tip

There is a technique to using a 4 hole steam tip
So please follow these easy steps

Purge water from steam wand for a few seconds
Use a loose hand not stiff
At first use 300 ml jug and fill with cold milk to just under the lower part of pour spout
Place wand just under milk in the middle of jug at 90 deg (no angle) and only give it air in the first second no more and then just keep wand under the surface
Important - turn on steam knob to "full steam strength"
Allow steam to do the work and when milk starts to foam keep wand at 90 deg but move jug to one side until the steam wand hits the side of jug
This all happens in about 10 seconds and before you know it you have micro-foam

When you get the hang of it you can progress to larger milk jugs

Koffee Kosmo
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