Help! Cant get latte art to wrap around cup

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Link above to a youtube short to see how I pour!

Above photo is my end result

I've been practicing latte art with food coloring and soap and water to minic milk. I think I have my milk texture down but I cant seem to get the milk to flow/wrap around the cup. I can make hearts but when I pour, I don't get the beautiful ribbons I see from other videos. I tried pouring from the edge of the cup at an angle, then tried starting in the centre. Im thinking it might be the flow rate? Im considering taking a 3hr 1on1 latte art class for $150, or should I just keep practicing on my own?

All tips, suggestions and guidance appreciated!


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I wrote this a while back which may be of some use Steaming milk tips for beginners

To me it looks like you stretch for too long which results in milk that's too stiff. And not sure how old your milk is but if more than a couple of days old that would also contribute to something like what you see. Good luck!

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I think the foam quality may be holding you back. It should look like wet paint. When it does, I think you will find that it flows much more easily and will wrap around the cup more easily.

Also, it looks like you need to tilt your cup more when you are pouring.

I'm sure that you can learn on your own if you keep practicing and watching tutorials. And I'm also sure you will learn much faster if you take the 3 hour 1-on-1 course. It's just a question of whether you think it's worth the money to get a jump start on your skills.