Latte Art - Crema or Milk Issue?

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I have been working on my winged tulips and I struggle with the winged base. I'm unsure if I have an issue with my milk texture or the crema itself holding the shape in place.

The reason I think it may be an issue with my crema is because I can nail other shapes like tulips just fine but my winged base always ends up loosening up and falling apart. When I watch videos online, other people's pours stay tight and wrap up the cup but mine just looses shape at the bottom.

Here is an example:

Here is an example of a tulip I poured that is perfectly fine with the same milk texture.

I only have this issue when I try to wiggle to get a winged base.

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It looks to me like you haven't poured enough milk into the coffee before beginning to pour your winged base, so the coffee/milk combo beneath the surface isn't dense enough to stop the turbulence of the wiggling milk and hold the design in place. Try pouring a little more milk into the cup to give it greater body before you start your tulip.