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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

#131: Post by Zaneus »

One take. However, i did pour something just before that, but there was no SD card in my camera :roll: .

Might do another video tomorrow. Naked portafilter arrived today and i brought home some round bottom cappuccino cups from work. They REALLY help.


#132: Post by esmerine »

My plastic machine attempt:

I can't froth more than 5 ounces of milk at once, this one was made with 4 oz, also maybe things would improve with a slightly bigger cup, but it's quite difficult to find a nice and short one to fit under the portafilter... :?
I believe this isn't only 'the panarello wand and enhanced crema' issue, I'm still not the best pourer.

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#133: Post by PacMan »

One of my better morning attempts. This one is using Redbird and some whole milk.

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#134: Post by RayJohns »

One of my better attempts recently - I'm still in the learning process over here, but it's starting to come together more and more.



#135: Post by TheMuffinMan01 »

With my La Pavoni Europiccola and brooklynshot steamwand tip


#136: Post by kennyrsmith »

Latte art is fun


#137: Post by Kim »

Im no expert, but heres a few:

These are just snapshots taken at work, so forgive the weird angles and crappy quality...