Latte Art Beginner - size & model pitcher? Size cup? other questions

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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I've learning latte art and have watched lots of videos.

For a beginner, what size pitcher and cup do you recommend?

What specific pitcher to you recommend?

How much espresso should you start with in a 10 oz cup? 8.5 oz cup? 5 oz cup?

I have a Delongi 3420 and struggling to get decent microfoam. What is the best foamer that is not an espresso machine (nano foamer, electric foamer, French press, etc?)

Thank you VERY much! Doug


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The panello wand with that model won't allow you to control the air intake. I had a similar Delonghi and could remove the wand and there was a rubber tube underneath. If you have the same thing, put a tie-wrap on the rubber tube and just use that to steam.

Steaming milk takes some time.. don't be discouraged.. took me 6 months. Do a search for steaming water & dish soap. It foams like milk and will give you lots of practice.. Likely the bellman is the best option that is similar to a steam wand. The nanofoamer is not bad. Just watch their videos.

The rubber tube in my Delonghi 85 came down to a point and there was a small hole in the end.. that was sufficient to steam milk reasonably well.

Takes a ton of practice..

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You'll need two different sized milk pitchers. A 10 oz size for cappuccinos and smaller and a 20 oz size for lattes. On my delonghi, my frother was made of plastic so I was able to cut it to get rid of the froth helper bits. Does your model let you take it apart to clean?
No matter what drink I make, I always go with a double. 36 grams of espresso.


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Isn't a double typically more like 18 grams?

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I use 18 grams of grounds to get 36 grams of espresso.


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Ah yep, gotcha.