Latte art and steaming techniques videos

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Verve coffee put this out recently. Good tips and reasoning. A nice short, concise reference.
VCR Street Smarts #14: Latte Art
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Here's another one from Verve I've been meaning to post:
VCR Street Smarts #11: Milk Steaming

And there's also HB's own full length Newbie Introduction to Espresso - Latte Art with 4x SERBC champ Lem Butler:
And bonus features from the original session with extra tips and outtakes:
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#3: Post by fishll »

Those videos along with Dan and Lem's video should get any newbie on their way to making actual latte art. Just remember at first, the milks texture should be your main concern obviously along with a good espresso. I tried very hard at the beginning to draw on top of watery espresso with watery milk and while I was able to produce a heart here or there it wasn't until I really got my milk technique down that I was able to really focus on drawing the art. Good luck to any beginners out there.

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LOL these videos are informational and very entertaining...thanks for sharing
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#5: Post by innermusic »

Nice videos. To the point, entertaining.
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beer&mathematics wrote:LOL these videos are informational and very entertaining...thanks for sharing

+1 . . . That's what I call Edutainment!