Just can't get good pour from my bottomless portafilter

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Hi everyone,

After owning an Ascaso Duo for over a month, I just can't get a good pour from my bottomless portafilter. I am constantly getting channeling and inconsistent shots. Ive spent hours on youtube and this forum trying to figure it out and tinkering. I am also just continuously buying more gadgets and wasting premium coffee beans trying to chase that perfect pour (just ordered my fourth tamper in a month).

Does anyone know someone in the Los Angeles California (Westwood) area that offers at-home training? Doesn't need to be a professional, just someone with more experience than I to come over and help me dial in my machine.

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Philip and I covered the mechanics in Newbie Introduction to Espresso. If that doesn't help, post a video of your whole routine and what coffee you're using. It would also help if you filled out your equipment profile to include the grinder.
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mkohanoff (original poster)
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Just updated. Thank you!

mkohanoff (original poster)
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Started with 18.5 grams and got 18.4 grams after grinding with my Niche zero
Using E&B Lab NT (NanoTech) Double Espresso Portafilter Basket 58mm Ridgeless (18)
Used a WDT then used a 58.5mm Normcore Dual Head Coffee Leveler to distribute and tamp.
Got 39 grams after 32 seconds including 5-second preinfusion
I have attached before and after photos of the portafilter as well as a video of the pull.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Could we get a video of your pressure gauge while pulling the shot? It could be as simple as needing to lower the setting on your overpressure valve and grinding a bit coarser. Based on your description, I think puck prep, grind quality, and basket quality can probably be ruled out as causes.

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You have what looks like a prep issue. WDT with tiny needles much more carefully - you can't ever do it well enough. I'm not familiar with distribution tools/tampers.
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Looks like the puck is getting hammered. You said you use a distribution tamper? I'd try doing the WDT and then a traditional tamp. Are you sure the shower screen is in place?