Jagged edges on latte art (out of nowhere)

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Recently I've had trouble pouring nice latte art. I've been able to pour very decent latte art for a long time, but suddenly I started experiencing jagged edges in my designs. I use the same milk, same machine (Breville Dual Boiler), same jug and same technique.

Earlier I have had a similar problem, which was easily fixed by cleaning the steam tip wand. It was as if the flow of steam was uneven and resulted in an uneven texture of the milk (producing jagged edges).

However, I can't solve the problem this time. I have cleaned the steam wand tip thoroughly, and I have descaled the boiler. I feel that the steam power is normal. The only thing I can think of now, is that the flow of the steam might be a little uneven (even though the steam wand tip is perfectly clean and the holes are not clogged in any way).
As you can see from this video, there are occasional spurts of more "wet" steam (hazy spurts).
Could this be the problem that ultimately results in jagged edges in my latte art?

By the way; the milk texture seems fine and there are no apparent bubbles in the milk. The only sign that something is wrong, are the jagged edges.
I have uploaded two pictures showing the latte art I usually can pour, and how it looks now with jagged edges.

I really hope someone's able to help me find the cause of my problem :).

Best regards.

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Change in the milk due to seasonal or feed changes for cows?
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I actually thought the same thing initially - but I have asked fellow Danish enthusiasts and they have not noticed any difference with the same milk. Previous years I have not noticed seasonal changes either.


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perhaps ur pitchers pouring spout is damaged?

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I just checked, and I cant see any damages. The three holes in the steam wand tip look fine as well. Perfectly round and with smooth edges.