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kolu wrote: As I use only two baskets (12 g The Single from IMS for coffee shots and 15 g VST for espresso) and only one machine, I keep my headspace constant so therefore I have no problems keeping my dialed-in distribution tool depth.
What is the difference between a coffee shot and an espresso?

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but I do more of a café crema style (bit stronger), 12 g in, 120 g out, around 27 sec seems nice.


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Thanks. I'll give it a try.


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Oops.I just realised that I can't do this with my lever machine as the maximum output is only about 50g of coffee.

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Isn't it plumbed in HX? You can easily do Café Crema on that with line pressure... I'm extracting around 4-5 bar anyway, you have to grind quite coarser.


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I posted this in another thread but I've found the distribution tool in conjunction with a palm tamper is pretty foolproof. Palm tamper I'd say is even more important than the distribution tool in my experience. You can fairly easily distribute the grounds with your fingers if you know what you are doing. Tamp for me was my biggest source of inconsistent shots, which was frustrating for a while. Palm tamper basically solves that. I usually adjust it to slightly deeper than I think I need. If it is too shallow, I'll take it out, adjust it to extend slightly deeper into the basket and then retamp. Voila.

Adjusting each to the right height takes about 5 seconds each. Shots now have improved sweetness, body, and acidity and actually come out a little hotter if that makes sense. The shots take a little longer now but like clockwork, they all start very slowly with drips all over the bottom of the basket but eventually the shot pours down in one even, steady stream from the center of the basket. Great tiger striping too and wonderful clarity and depth of flavors.

Cheap but effective distribution tool: ... merReviews

Cheap but highly effective palm tamper: ... way&sr=8-5

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cafederoberto wrote:I posted this in another thread but I've found the distribution tool in conjunction with a palm tamper is pretty foolproof.
Thanks very much cafederoberto. After I started this thread I broke down and purchased a Pullman Chisel. I will give it a try this weekend. I'm hoping that the Chisel and my EasyTamp 5 Star Pro will give me pretty consistent extractions.


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Carl K wrote:I already have a leveling tamper that has really improved my extractions. Would using a distribution tool such as the Chisel or OCD in addition to a leveling tamper be of any benefit? Any one use both?
I do the opposite. I use a distribution tool (I have both wedge and clover), set to the headspace depth my machine likes, and I don't bother tamping at all.

I, like Evergreen/Michael, RDT and WDT all the time every time whether I perceive that it needs it or not.

If you think you want a distributing tool, you can buy the Chinese ebayzon versions for around $20. Same stainless steel head with adjustable threaded anodized handle as the $$$ versions. If you still feel you need the brand cachet of the $$$ versions, at least you will know whether you like how these tools work before spending the big bucks.

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I have found WDT, grooming/distribution, and leveling tamper all help in their own way. Once you get the routine down, it really takes very little time to do all three. WDT is my least favorite task of the 3, but seeing that nice single stream on a bottomless portafilter confirms it's value!


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I do what IowaBoy perfectly for me every time. I was leaving out tamping after WDT and distributing the grounds with no ill effects on coffee flavor, however, all my pucks were sticking to the shower screen...what a mess! So added tamping back in and no more puck release from my pf until I say so!
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