IMS Precision Filter Size. Advice Needed

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#1: Post by macal425 »

I'm thinking of experimenting with an IMS Precision Filter for my Breville Barista Express, however, I'm not sure which size to get. They have 14-18g and 18-22g. I currently dose around 18g and would like to keep the dose around that size. Is it better to fill the smaller basket, or is it better to use the larger basket and have room? I'm assuming the 14-18g would be best, but not 100% sure. Tks.


#2: Post by boren »

Ignore the minimum numbers. If you want to continue to use 18 grams, don't expect good extraction from a basket where this number is the minimum amount.


#3: Post by klee11mtl »

I use the 14-18g IMS Precision basket. This is about the same size basket as the stock Breville double shot non-pressurized basket that came with my Barista Pro. Before the IMS baskets for Breville were available, I had purchased the 18-22g basket for La Spaziale and had it machined to fit.

I regularly use the 14-18g basket. I prefer light-medium to medium roasts. Even using a 1.0mm puck screen I haven't had any issues fitting my 18g dose except for a really dark roast.