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Yes, you're right. I was thinking more of your point about straight-walled baskets flowing faster than tradition baskets, rather than whether they were coated or not.


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Personally, I haven't used one of those nanocoated baskets but since I've been using a top screen there is no sticking to the shower screen. It's virtually impossible. That should help keep everything clean!!!
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Agree 100%. That's why I think the best and cheapest machine "upgrades," for me at least have been the puck screen and the Nanotech shower screen. I do think my espressos taste better with them (though that's just my opinion except for the fact that I have found slightly higher extraction yields--in terms of Brix measurements of my espressos-- with the puck screen. Mainly my drain pan has remained almost pristine since I started using the puck screen, whereas before it got coated with slimy coffee excreta by the time I had to drain it.

Thus, my opinion that the puck screen should be nominated for gadget with the best bang-for-the-buck upgrade to our espresso machines since the e61 was invented. Exaggeration? Maybe and YMMV, but that's what I think. 8)


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Also am experiencing the lack of coalescing on my Nanotech/Baristapro IMS. Its not like there is channeling, it is entirely even and consistent in its large amount of streams, but it just never comes together. The Flair 58 high flow basket I used before is kinda precision like in its pattern but I never had this happen. I think it is the Nanotech coating beyond hydrophobic. I am hoping the coating will dissolve somewhat over time so I don't need to spend more for a competition IMS or VST basket.
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Exact same problem. Recently purchased an IMS 18g basket with the nanotech coating. I am seeing no signs of channeling in the puck. Dosing 18g in. I am for about 41g out, at 25 -30 seconds - with a medium-dark roast from Mr Espresso.

Every time, all I get is rain. With the stock basket, I consistently get a nice single funnel and thick crema. With the IMS, crema is bit thinner.

Tastewise, not much differwnce - though the pulls from the IMS are tasting a smidge thinner. But that could just be my mind playing tricks on me.

(My machine is a GCP, which I've installed the OPV mod already. Haven't jumped yet on doing the PID mod. Grinder is a Eureka Mignon Facile)


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I'd like to elaborate and share that I have recently got 18g IMS Nanotech basket and did not experience any issue as above. I do grind finer, but that's about the only change I made. And it pulled quite better shot than Rocket stock basket.