IMS Basket and gaskets replacement

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Hi All,
So I am very happy with the IMS basket that I have. Does this basket ever lose effectiveness and need to be replaced? How about the gasket? I find that when I first got the gasket, the portafilter was tight at the right angle. right now (12 months later), the Portafilter is past the mid point.



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Gaskets can wear out. You haven't said which kind you have, but I'm guessing it's the black rubber one. You should definitely remove it and inspect its pliability, and given you've been using the same one for a year, you probably will need to replace it. Do it now, while it's still easily removable (assuming it is). Once they really harden they break up when you try to remove them and are a real pita to get out. Many people here use silicone gaskets. They last a lot longer.

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I actually got a silicone one, i think it was a cafelat