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What does the I in IDT stand for?
lol my name (Ilya).. being silly

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Jeff wrote:I've been grinding into a bare basket and nutating it to intentionally fill the corners of the basket evenly for several years now. It is part of my prep after finding it not only seemed to improve the visual appearance of my shots, but reduced the apparent variance. This is for medium-light and lighter.
This is what I have been doing also but due to
1) easier to prepare more than 2-3 baskets. Prep one, then while shot is going for the 1st, grind next shot. Repeat
2) before I had a bottomless, I discovered how filthy the portafilter can get and removing the basket illuminated this. I use a bottomless now so this is no longer the case
3) I use a dose with my Mazzer Major and also rotate the basket as I "thwack" the doser.

I'm tempted to nutate the basket, WDT, rub my belly and head :)
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When I was using my Vario for espresso duty I would often take the basket out of the portafilter and hold it under the chute and rotate it while grinding. Now that I'm using a Key Mark I with a magic tumbler I'm just using the grinder's WDT before transferring it into the basket.

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