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Agreed with others. That's completely normal as the puck resistance will decrease progressively as you extract from the coffee. Since the Linea Mini is not a pressure/flow profiling machine, there's not much you can do about it nor you need to.You can definitely still get tasty espresso.

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boldstep wrote:Hi

I shared a video of me extracting Vivace Dolce on my Linea Mini with a friend and he said that it looked good but noted it sped up a little too much at the end. That got me wondering what an ideal espresso shot should look like in terms of the flow rate over time. Eg should the flow at the end of the shot be twice the volume per unit time as the beginning or should you aim for it to be as constant as possible. Seems like I am missing some basic extraction theory. Also what parameters can I control to prevent it from speeding up?

Thanks in advance! Oh here's the video I shared:
Sped up? Not really, seriously nobody should care except maybe your friend. Did the shot taste good? That's all that counts.