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My preferred iced coffee recipe: brew into a thin walled vessel, dunk into a bowl of iced water, and swirl until chilled, e.g. something like

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Thanks for posting this very interesting version of iced coffee. Can't wait to try it out.
And welcome to H-B!

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Get reusable «ice» cubes that don't melt, use a lot of them in the vessel you brew into to quickly chill the brew without watering it out and then pour into a cup chilled in the fridge?


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You can try something that almost everyone is drinking here in Greece ... appuccino/
Freddo is more popular than regular espresso.

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thanks for this---i think ; )
made them this morning and my wife loved it. methinks my forearms will resemble popeye's by summer's end...


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Xexe this is because you need a good mixer to create the froth


It is a must have for a coffee like this. we use them a lot here.
the good thing is that specialty espresso is progressing here in Greece and more and more you see little places with great coffee.


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This was the best suggestion ever. Picked up two really nice covered ice trays this morning. Used decaf from same roaster and I'm so happy.

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If you make smoothies, you can add the coffee ice cubes for a nice treat.

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