I think I really need to improve my puck prep

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Hey everyone,

So I've still been experimenting with my home equipment (Lelit Anna 2 + Sette 270) and I think I need to work on my puck prep. Here are some pics of my process...

I can't figure out how to upload a video on here so I'm going to just link you guys to the post I made on reddit about the same issue and there's a video of one of my extractions there:

https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comme ... tribution/

The extraction isn't terrible but I think theres a lot of room for improvement. Isn't the shot supposed to coalesce into one stream in the middle rather quickly? It took a while in that one...also, as you can see, I use a single needle for my WDT and it tends to just push the coffee around so I think I'm doing it wrong.

Do you guys know a cheap WDT tool I can get online? I've been looking but I'm not sure which one will do the job.


EDIT: I can't figure out how to upload the images either....I guess you can see them on the reddit page.

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Hey Mike!

We usually don't encourage cross-posting of the same thing, see Why is cross-posting strongly discouraged?

On the specific question, I'd suggest either the LeverCraft for my personal preference or an affordable second-best with JKim Makes' printable one.

https://levercraftcoffee.com/products/l ... ion-tool-1

If you don't get good answers on Reddit or EAF, then you might want to ask some specific questions here. (No doubt you'll get a lot of the same answers if you re-ask the same question to a different audience.)

Having the photos here, rather than sending people off into Reddit or somewhere else, is greatly suggested as well. Posting images on HB

MochaMike (original poster)

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Hey Jeff!

I apologize for cross-posting, I was just getting frustrated with trying to figure out how to post videos/pics on HB lol. But thanks for the steps for posting pics.

The levercraft is a bit pricey, but not that bad. It's at $43 where I see it. Would this cheaper version do the trick?

https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1153905 ... 2474979005

MochaMike (original poster)

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here are the pics of my process...


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The extraction on Reddit doesn't seem that bad. How much have yoyu ground with the Sette? After around 10kg of beans it should give better results as burrs are breaking in. If you only have gorund around 1kg with it and this are your extractions then your good. Ofcourse you can improve but it's far fgrom as bad as I thought it would be reading the start of this topic.

For WDT I just use a small and cheap whisk and the OE Ipanema funnel. No need for expensive lever and distribution tools, just learn how to do it the right way and they won't add anything. Your WDT tool should also work just fine and give great results in combination with the funnel you have. Just keep doing it and try different techniques and you'll be good.


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I use almost the same wdt tool. The lever craft looks great, but for me the one you linked is working just fine. I can not see that the lever craft tool will do a better job


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The tool you showed should be great. What makes the levercraft good is not only the small needles, but the angle of them being fanned.
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Your puck prep is wayyyyyy nicer than mine ever will be.

And, your pulls are not too bad either.

For me, I just grind directly into the porta filter, tap it on the rubber mat twice and level it off with my hand before tamping.

Get nice single stream draws 95% of the time.

So is it puck prep? or is there something more too it? Feel and doing it a billion times? Dunno.

All I know is that pulls get better and better over time with less and less effort.

My usual preinfusion time is 21 seconds at 2.1grams per second flow. Collect 3-5 grams Then flow is increased to about 6 grams per second until a 1:2 ratio is achieved.

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