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In one of the videos online by James Hoffman at 8.23 minutes he talks about and shows the glossy paint like foam sitting on top of steamed milk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaKRBBpA4fw Then says to swirl and mix. All the other videos I see come across to me as if we are suppose to be going for a pitcher full of microfoam. Not just some on top of steamed milk?

Wondering what other understand about this, Roy

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I go for as uniform a texture as I can. I like silky milk drinks, start to finish.

Others prefer a style where there's hot milk and coffee under a dry foam.

What I think JH is showing is how to "recover" from imperfect steaming. That tap breaks up any big bubbles you might have. The swirl helps to re-mix any separation that has occurred, before you pour.


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Jeff thank you for the response. I thought that the way other have shown their pouring of art that the pitchers were pretty full with the "microfoam". But so far I just haven't been able to get that much adn wondered if I miss understood the goal. I am not giving up and will keep trying different positions of the tip and wand until I find that sweet spot that works better, Roy