I always get some channeling. Why?

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Im new to this site searching for a solution.

I have an eureka minon and a barista express. My problem is i always get at least a small amount or big amount of channeling happening with my shots. My flow is grind - WDT - distributor - tamp - shot. I do a gentle tap on the tamp mat between WDT and distributor so my coffee doesn't fall of when I take the portafilter funnel. (I use 20g on 54mm IMS 18-22g basket). My beans are always fresh since I get them from cafe I work at. Can anyone tell what could be a contributing to my channeling issue?

Thank you.


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Are you using a bottomless portafilter to diagnose? If so, i would recommend posting a video of the extraction and more knowledgeable members may be able to help diagnose. I have a similar set up to yours (Barista Express) and have a similar work flow. However, I use a 14-18g 54mm IMS basket and usually dose around 18g, but could probably go as high as 19-20g. I don't usually have any issues with channeling with that set up.

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Please tell us why you think you have channeling. As Allan says, a video would be useful, especially if it were of a shot using a bottomless portafilter.


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I used to own a Eureka Mignon Classic and I remember the ground coffee always came out a bit lumpy and that definitely contributed to channeling.
Do you experience the same?

I now have the Eureka Specialita and it's a huge difference.

I remember back then I used to tap the portafilter on the tamp mat a couple of times before using the distributor to get rid of the chunks...