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How warm do you like your espresso cups?

Very hot
Room temperature
Don't care
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#21: Post by DigMe »

I usually heat up my cups AND my PF baskets by leaving them in my toaster oven with the oven heater turned barely on. This heats them up fast but not too hot. I keep the baskets in there because I prepare each shot in the basket outside of the PF. This has been a very handy and practical method for me since the passive cup warmer on my Pulser isn't very good and there's no room between the bottom of the cabinets anyway. I only typically keep 2 or so cups in there in case I want to use the toaster oven for actual toast (which is very rare). If I have guests coming I'll just fill the toaster up. :D


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#22: Post by Marshall »

I think I would have added "Bodum Pavina" as its own category, since it doesn't need pre-heating at all. In any event, I've been experimenting recently with different cups (and dosing amounts), since I got the Cimbali Max grinder.

As a non-HX machine, the top of my Zaffiro doesn't get terribly hot. So, the best I can manage is a "pretty warm" cup, taken from my heating tray plus a 1/2 oz. flush of brew water. The shots wind up much cooler than with the the Pavina's, where they are nice and hot.

Between the two I much prefer the Pavina. The flavors are more intense and better balanced, without a fruit dominance. But, I do use the Illy "Nude" cups from time to time, just for a "fruity" change.
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#23: Post by ChrisC »

I voted hot -- I don't have a timer, so I cheat Miss Silvia each morning, flushing through the PF and basket to ensure they're hot enough. I just put my empty cup under the flush, then leave it sitting full while I measure beans, grind, etc. About 2 minutes max. Then I dump it out, wipe dry, and place the cup under the GH and pull the shot.

I've been recently theorizing that the slightly sour last swallows I sometimes get from the espressos at even the best cafes here in town, is probably because they rely on the cup warmer, and when you're stacking cups 2 or 3 high, the top ones (first grabbed) aren't really that hot. My espressos at home are never sour, even to the bottom of the cup.


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Marshall wrote:I think I would have added "Bodum Pavina" as its own category, since it doesn't need pre-heating at all. .
I pull my shots into unheated Bodum Assam shotglasses and that's what I drink it from if I'm just drinking straight espresso. You're definitely right about not needing any heating! Great cups.



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Hot, which is why a glass never ever works...