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Okay--so I spoke to my vendor and he recommended a Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper, which is one i was considering. it is flat--which is what I was leaning towards. I guess the handle is a hard (ABS) plastic. Does anyone think that is less comfortable than say a rubber handle (which I think the Bumper ones are--I was also looking at those).

I can't fully imagine how much my palm is going to press into the handle b/c I have none to try out....

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Used properly, your palm does not press onto the handle. You grip like a door knob, around the handle. Your fingers press down on the piston. If you use it like a gear shift, you'll have a helluva time making a level tamp.

2d: wood handles are more enjoyable.

I've been using one of these lately and it's nice because it has a gauge line. Not that I need it :wink: ... ood+convex

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Sarah, you are thinking too much about a tamper. Comfort is nice, but you won't be tamping all day unless you are a pro.
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I'm going to piggy-back off EspressoGirl's thread.

I'm thinking of getting a Pavoni Professional PRH (Brass/Copper). Since I'll be doing some polishing on the machine anyway, is there any other reason why I wouldn't want a brass or copper base (à la Reg Barber)?

Are there any other tampers out there that have adjustable handles? Neither the Pullman Barista nor Coffeelabdesign are available in a 51mm size.

Any other 51mm tampers out there with with guide rings?


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Polishing the OUTSIDE of a Pavoni is one thing, but polishing a tamper base that will come in contact with the coffee itself??? Not something I would want to do . . .

51mm tampers are available from Espresso Parts NW in a wide variety of configurations, and they are but one of a number of different sources. (Of course, they are in the US, but it might give you some ideas.)
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I have the Rattleware, Large Round Handle.

I picked it over a bunch of different designs, for a few reasons..

Looks sharp.. Metal&Black just looks good.
Round handle...Seemed more comfy then the angular handle
they made it in my size
AND.. It was the cheapest tamper I could find, that was a nice one.

Now.. I like my tamper. But im searching for more. I know the type of person I am, and can guarantee, down the road I will have a COLLECTION of tampers(and probably PFs and Baskets too!) The Rattleware is a flat base. Im looking for a convex, or curved base. I think the Euro Curve is a little much, so US curve for me. Only thing about the rattleware, is I have large hands.. I wish the tamper handle was just a smidgen longer. I think the long handle RB would be TOO long for my taste tho. My father likes the rattleware very much.. says its a very nice looking/feeling tamper.

See how much you would like to spend, and head on over to EPNW. Large selection, and all of their tampers(EPNW tamps) allow the bases and handles to be interchanged... Which I think is very cool. I LOVE their wood grain handles

Regs are very nice.. so are EPNW's tamps.. But theyre not cheap.. Rattleware's are...


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For those who may be interested in Reg Barber's brass and copper tamper pistons, I found these two links: ... usion.html

Interesting what they both have to say about the copper pistons. I'll give those a pass.

I've been emailing Reg Barber about a brass piston. They suggest toothpaste for cleaning it.