How important is exact puck screen fit?

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After doing a bunch of reading, I decided to try a puck screen. I'm using a Normcore stainless steel screen, it is 1.7mm thick and 58.5mm across. I'm putting that in an 18gr BaristaPro Nanotech (IMS makes this) basket.

On several of the shots I pulled today, I saw no small streams shooting out of a bottomless portafilter, I hoped this meant less channeling. On two other shots, it looked like I had a stream coming from the edge. This made me wonder about the edges. Is it possible the screen could leave small gaps around the edge? If so, how precisely does it have to fit to avoid this? If this is a problem, it feels like I'd need a basket with straight sides and made to a tight tolerance on the diameter, then also a tight tolerance on the diameter of the puck screen. How much does this matter?

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Perhaps you might be over thinking it. Have you tasted the actual product and compared it? That should be the ultimate judgement on the overall use of the puck, the final tasting results. I found this. Not sure if it will help but it talks about how to watch the brew on an open pf.


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It's not important at all, at least to me. Why? Because I don't use any puck screens and I get no spritzer. It's all in the grind size fine tuning and puck prep.