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J...i mostly agree that the espresso process can be "stressful" on Kona, however I had the best Americano at a local cafe. They charged $3.50, but it was pulled as a double shot of extra fancy Kona, + 6oz of water....
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I just don't do singles :). I either drink the extra single or bin it.


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another_jim wrote:The big tamper used on the first video probably indicates that the basket was being over filled to at least 9 to 10 grams; while the second shows the "nominal" 7 to 8 gram dose being used in the LM single basket. The dosing technique the second person uses seems wasteful, but he's pulling a traditional single. The first person is doing DIY singles based on US practice.
If I wanted to dose like in the second video, I'd have to use 2g of coffee. When I pull a 7g single, the coffee fills the basket (La Spaziale Vivaldi single basket) exactly to the point where the basket walls become straight, which makes it impossible to use any other tamp then just light touch.
So I'm surprised you say this video shows a traditional way. And there are also other shapes of single basket...
'a a ha sha sa ma!

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