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bluesman wrote:My approach to this is to stand the mushroom on a counter upside down and put a few drops of penetrating agent on the thread joint several times in 24 hours. Then stand it upside down in enough very hot water to submerge only the big nut. I set 2 dishes next to each other, replenish the hot water from a kettle in one, and move the assembly into it while putting fresh hot water in the other. After a few minutes, the cap should unscrew from the bell-shaped part. To separate the pieces, I put the cap nut in an upturned socket on a breaker bar clamped in a vise. I don't care if the penetrant is "food safe", since the entire assembly is SS and can be thoroughly cleaned.
Brilliant! I'll try this one day with my ECM kit, which so far I've not been able to take apart. Thanks.

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I haven't been able to either, what were they thinking tightening it up SO MUCH :x
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I'm jumping in on this a little late, but everyone suggesting "leverage" is correct.

I have a piece of wood that holds the cap in a vice on 3 faces... And then put a pipe over your wrench handle, walk to the far end of the pipe and walk with it in a circle around the table where the vice is holding the cap.

It's not my first piece of wood. Sometimes the cap wins. Thank god the stainless steel mushrooms are a little tougher than the ceramic ones. I'll take durable and difficult over delicate and usually broken.