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If I may be forgiven for reviving such an old thread...

Sensitivity to dosing was mentioned. I have a LM double basket (if I remember correctly) and have had pretty good luck with 14g, but, I still see the shower screen screw imprint sometimes.

Is going much lower, into 13g or 12g pretty typical for Livia?

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It's not the LM double or you are using more than 14 grams. The shower screen on the Livia's group doesn't hit the puck on the LM basket until 18 grams. The stock Bezzera basket which may have come with the machine is a good deal shallower, and may show an impression at 14 grams.
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Jim - thanks that certainly helps. I'll pick up a LM double. I guess I was thinking of the LM triple I have and thought I had both.

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If you have been using the Livia single, or tried it a few times and given up on it because it is useless, then you might want to pick up an LM single also. I have a Livia 90 and use the LM double and single baskets.
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Yep, I'm one step ahead. I order both the double and single today after reading that the LM single is actually not useless.