Hot vs Cold Portafilter/Grouphead

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

#1: Post by CharlieM1725 »

How big of a difference does it make to extraction times?

People say run 2-3 blind shots through a portafilter but I worry about just going through my water tank so quickly on my machine.



#2: Post by emradguy »

The bigger 'concern' is affect on extraction temperature. A hot pf will not be such a heat sink and give you better maintenance of desired temperature throughout the shot.

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BaristaBoy E61

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Our portafilter is always in the group when the machine is 'ON' and sits in the group after prep while a cup full of freshly drawn hot water is also heating up before the shot is pulled.

My preference is for max temperature stability, group, portafilter and cup.
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