Hot coffee storage - Glass insulated or stainless carafe?

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For storing my pressed coffee, I have been using my old Capresso stainless steel carafe that came with the drip machine that I bought years ago. (The drip machine has long since been retired, but still use the carafe! It is built like a tank and still works OK)

But as I learn more, I see that some say storing coffee in a glass insulated carafe is *better* because it does not impart taste into the coffee? Is this true?

For the stainless lined carafe owners out there - please chime in. I am looking to buy a "higher" end drip machine for the days I want coffee fast without a lot of time / overhead, and the Brazen and Technivorm use a stainless lined carafe, and the Bonavita has glass.

I could just buy a separate carafe if I needed - I also own a 34 oz Thermos that I think is glass insulated also - but wanted to get some opinions - and maybe even the FACTS ma'am! Lol

What are the FACTS of stainless carafes and storing coffee for an hour vs glass?

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The question is, can you taste any imparted flavor when using your existing stainless steel carafe? If not, I wouldn't worry about it, but I'd try and see if you can taste anything, especially with a nice, clean washed coffee.

I used to use Contigo stainless steel travel mugs until I noticed a taste when drinking delicate coffees so I switched to ceramic travel mugs. They also allow the coffee to cool and sweeten instead of remaining at one temperature and as I enjoy drinking coffee down to cool this is a bonus.

I still use a stainless steel carafe with my BraZen and haven't noticed anything.

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Time_Bandit (original poster)

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The question is, can you taste any imparted flavor when using your existing stainless steel carafe? If not, I wouldn't worry about it, but I'd try and see if you can taste anything, especially with a nice, clean washed coffee.
Sometimes I wonder... and why I posted to get others opinions....

But I have never done a side by side, scientific test where two pots were produced exactly the same way, sat for the same amount of time... etc. With the only difference being the carafe.

On a board like this where many take coffee prep, brewing etc and turn it on its ear, I am hoping someone HAS done tests like this and can share their experience - whether it was scientific, anecdotal, etc. And I would bet dollars to donuts someone here has done this test.

Ya know?

There is another angle I wanted to touch on too - my stainless carafes require I preheat them also... and I am hearing that glass lined ones DON'T require preheating? Is this true?

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Since the biggest variable may be individual perception, I wouldn't worry too much about a scientific test. Some people don't rinse their filters because they can't pick up any paper taste in their coffee. Trust your senses.

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Sorry, maybe the term "scientific" threw off my point - I have not done the comparison side by side to be able to test / trust my "senses", forget about it being "scientific."

And yes, as stated, I have been wondering lately as I seem to detect some after taste after my coffe has been stored in my SS carafe for a while that seems to be commensurate with what I have read - besides, my Mom said to me the other day "the SS carafe is imparting taste if you leave it in there for a while." Lol... and you know, when Mom speaks....

And I am not going to discount there may be facts out there to supplement all of our "senses" - just because people do things and think they are doing them "right" does not mean they always are, or can't learn something new to improve their method. That is why I asked.

So thanks for the feedback, but allow me ;-) to explore my question to supplement my senses... and see if there is a superior method or facts to support this one way or another. I realize there may be some that might not like these types of topics....


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Do you want the short answer, the medium length answer, or the long one? LOL

1. If you can taste the SS, that's all the answer you need. Use glass.

2. Using the process of deduction, glass does not give away taste. Metals on the other hand, maybe do. So to be on the safe side, you can't go wrong with glass, right?

3. We all use SS for cooking, right? So it should be OK. BUT, notice that there are exceptions and warnings. Don't cut lettuce with a SS knife, it interacts with the lettuce. Don't beat eggs in SS (I do). Don't leave (or cook) tomato sauce in it, because it is acidic.

Coffee is acidic.

4. Some people can taste metals, some don't. I remember since I was a kid that I could not put a silver spoon in my mouth. Same thing with gold. My grandma used to get upset because she wanted to spoil me like a little VIP, and I ruined it for her. I still remember her protests and disbelief. LOL.

I can't drink espresso from a SS cup. It freaks me up. I can't drink water from the milk pitcher or from my SS traveling cup. All I taste is metal. But SS spoons, forks, etc. are no problem with food. I often wondered why.

Bottom line, it's up to the individual.

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I use stainless when I must but usually make just enough for the cup I want to drink at that time. Nice thing about stainless, it dents, bad thing about glass, it shatters.
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