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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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It's not too cheap, but for something fun and luxurious, try Choc-o-lait - - if you can get it. I get mine from hasbean.

It's a lump of chocolate on a wooden stick. You heat milk, pour it into a mug and then stir the chocolate in the milk. It melts slowly and it's great fun :)


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LeoZ wrote:my recipe: (quick recipe, approx per cup)
-2tbl chocolate powder
-2tbl dark brown sugar
-dash of salt
-dash of vanilla extract
-1-2oz of boiling water
-5-6oz steamed milk
-chocolate powder or flakes

Use the boiling water to mix the chocolate powder and dark brown sugar until they liquefy and blend smoothly.
Add the dash of salt and vanilla and mix.
Pour the steamed milk over the top, garnish with flakes or powder.
Sounds phenomenal. Similarly, I create a chocolate base using hot water, cocoa, and sugar. Then pour some "latte" art into it with microfoamed milk.

And of course you can geek out over cocoa a bit... dutch processed is supposedly inferior in flavor but dissolves more readily. No one likes a gritty hot chocolate. Droste is a dutch processed that works well in my opinion.