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hundcafe wrote:I didn't change it from when I got it - the pressure is set to 10 on the pump I believe. I have the paddle mostly open, so the pressure at the group head goes up to 11 or so (on really fine grinds) but is generally between 9-10.
Yep, what poster above said. On my synch, it came set at 9.5 bar. I was getting ok results but nothing like what i got in the shop. Everything just had a harshness to it. Then i plumbed in which changed it to 10 bar, and every shot was horrific. I lowered to 8 bar and suddenly every shot is frickin magic. COMPLETELY changed the dark roasted decaf i was struggling with. Now it's great. Lower your pump pressure and i bet you'll have a better time.


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A total novice here. Looking for hints on improving my decaf espresso. I have been drinking Doma Coffee's Jackie Oh which is a lighter roast swiss water process decaf. I started with it in a pour-over and am now trying to master it as an espresso.

As I chase a better shot I have a question on whether the basket I am using now my wife's coffee (caffeinated) is ok for the decaf or should I be adding a different basket to the pressure, temperature and dose variables I am playing with for the decaf?