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Also just want to note that with the pressure profiling technique above your total shot times with light roasts *can* be as long as 45-60s. That's OK. Follow your taste buds.

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Without knowing the "flavor defect" you're getting, it's hard to know if you're not fine enough so you're just getting fast, bulk flow, or too fine, so you're punching holes in the puck.

Another thing to consider is that lighter roasts can take longer than "espresso" roasts to hit their prime. At a week after roast, some of the fast extraction might be helped by letting the coffee rest a bit longer next time. Some of the Nordic roasts I won't open or freeze until three or four weeks after roast.

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Would you also recommend that I use the high flow basket rather than the low-flow that is included by default with the flair 58?


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Maybe if you want to stay with 18g dose. For lower dose like 15g, I think their "low-flow" basket works pretty well in my experience.

There's another thread here today where the bottomless pour looks similar to yours. (Yes, we see those regularly here :) ) A very experienced HBer, cafeIKE, with the same grinder as yours (Niche Zero) comments: "Likely too much coffee and grind too coarse". Just FYI.