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madgraf wrote:I've read about preinfusion but I haven't tried it yet. It seems generally recommended for lighter roasts? Is there a standard time to do it for to start with? Since I can't see how much water is going into the grounds, I'm not sure what I'm looking for other than maybe just do get them a little wet?
I guess I'm just assuming that the Profitec Pro 600 has some means of preinfusion, maybe someone else who owns one can help there.

For now, I'd just suggest maybe going a tad coarser so you get maybe 45g out for 18g but keeping it in the 30+ second range. It will always probably have a bit of sourness just based on the roast as described on their website, but I've found light roasts that are dialed in more will have a notable acid that quickly fades to other coffee notes, rather than an unbearable acid that doesn't let you even consider anything else.

FWIW it looks like on the website they recommend up to 42g out for 18g in, at ~30 seconds, so if you're only getting 38g out in 40 seconds that's another indicator that you're too fine.