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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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I highly suggest dialing in your grind setting based on taste of straight espresso. You don't have to drink straight shots, but you should taste them.

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I usually take a sip or two before throwing it in the sink or into a mug w/ steamed milk

Edit: I did make the mistake of not stirring the shot first, so all I was tasting was the strong taste of crema and dumping it :lol:

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Success!! Pulled two shots back to back 17-18 g in 34-36 out in 25-30 seconds with Counter Culture Big Trouble.

I will say that my favorite shot was when I pulled 36 in 50 seconds for my wife. She left a little bit in the cup and I sipped it hours later and it tasted like chocolate milk. Todays latte's have a hint of chocolate but not as strong as the longer pull. I'll play with temps a bit to see if I can extract more flavor from the coffee.


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