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I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into why I'm needing to adjust the grind size of this bag of beans I'm using.

Equipment: Decent DE1Pro, P64 with SSP multipurpose burrs. Probably have put 6 or 7lbs through them. 18g VST basket. Nomcore calibrated level tamp.

Beans: Peixoto Honey Roast date 7.18

So I started with these beans 5 days ago. Dialed it in to a setting of 1.2 on the grinder. This gave around a 30second shot. Very well balanced. This was consistent for a couple days.

The last two days on the same grind setting for a 1:2 ratio its the shot is taking closer to 50 seconds. Still very good but not quite as balanced. The shot almost seems choked in the beginning before any real flow can build up. Now I'm having to grind more coarse like 1.3-1.35 to get back to the 30 second shot time. I checked the calibration on the Decent and its correct. I checked the P64 burrs and they look fine. It's not that big a deal because I can just adjust the grind size and no matter what I'm getting good tasting shots (these beans are very forgiving) but I'm just curious if this type of issue sounds familiar to anyone?

Could it be the age of the beans?



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Bean aging usually requires finer grinding. Maybe it's a change in humidity. For example, many Fiorenzato models have a humidity sensor.

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That's an interesting possibility. It has been pretty humid outside lately. Not sure how exactly that correlates to my indoor humidity since my central air is always on.

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As beans age, you'd be better off grinding coarser and updosing as apposed to grinding finer.
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I don't say this is wrong; but as this advice is the exact opposite of what I've read for years, I wonder what it is based on. I haven't noticed any common factor regarding how beans change over time: it seems to differ with different beans. I make adjustments by trial-and-error.

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TomC wrote:As beans age, you'd be better off grinding coarser and updosing as apposed to grinding finer.
With frozen beans, I usually keep the grind the same and updose in ≈0.1g increments as the beans age. That being said, current wood roasted coffee benefited from keeping the dose constant and grinding ½ tick coarser. The shot flows faster, but the flavor profile returned.

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