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I don't know the actual volumes, but I'll say that for a double or triple shot (18-20g grind) I start with 5 fluid oz of milk in a 12oz pitcher and frothing with my Micra, when it is done the pitcher is nearly full without overflowing from the turbulence. Maybe 9oz, and it pours art well.

I would think adjusting froth to get to your desired milk volume would just mess with your art if you are wanting to do that. I would get the milk texture where you want and simply adjust how much you use.

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For my tastes, "American" cappuccinos and lattes have far too much milk for me.

I don't know that there are any consistent cup-size definitions outside of the showmanship of barista competitions. For me, a cap is probably closer to a 160 mL cup with espresso from around 14-18 g of grinds. 200-250 mL is, for me, latte size. It feels as though some people consider a latte to be in the 12-16 oz size, 350-500 mL. For me, that's becoming coffee-flavored steamed milk.

When I steam milk in a classic pitcher, I usually leave about 1 cm or so below where the bottom of the spout ends. Much more than that and I make a mess overflowing the top as the milk rolls in the later parts of the process. For my gear and skills, a 35 cL ("12 oz") pitcher is a comfortable size. The 25 cL ones ("8 oz") can be easier to work with for 50-75-ish g of milk. Even in a smaller pitcher, 50 g of milk happens so fast I need to be on auto-pilot and not thinking much as I steam.

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Two espresso's.
One a small cappuccino,one a cafe machiato.
Same coffee,same milk.


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I use a Motta 35cL pitcher for capps. I under fill it a bit to allow more growth while still getting a good swirl. I use La Marzocco cups usually which I think are rated at 7oz. I don't worry too much about the shot volume vs milk volume. That depends on the type of coffee I use. A dark roast will usually get a ristretto, medium a normale, and whatever needs to happen to get a balanced shot out of a light roast. The milk volume is whatever it needs to be to fill the cup. I fill the cup under the brim. So probably a 6oz drink in total roughly. Texture depends on how I'm feeling but it is more around a latte or flat white than a foamy capp.

I think once you get up to 6oz drinks then it is less about the volumes and more about how the milk is textured that separates the cap, flat white, and latte.


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We pull single-origin, lighter roasts for milk drinks. Anything more than 3 ounces or so of milk tends to cover up the best bits of the shot. So it's probably closer to a cortado than a cappuccino. They are delicious.

I'm drinking one as I type this where the orange and dried cranberry nicely show through.


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I know ml is volume and grams is weight. But since 1ml of water nearly weighs 1g, for the purposes of making a beverage, I use mls and gms interchangeably. I also assume milk and water weight the same and 1 fluid oz equates to 30ml or 30 grams.

So for a 12 fluid oz mug, I measure 250g of milk for a latte and steam for a 30% increase in volume.

If you want to reverse engineer your favorite beverage, steam 350g of milk, pour into your typical mug and measure what you used.


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baldheadracing wrote:The 'certified' Italian cappuccino is 25ml espresso with 100ml of frothed milk and foam.

By mass that's roughly 15g of espresso (about a 7g dose) and about 60g of cold milk before steaming.

Double the above for what it sounds like you're pulling.
I have been trying 15g in 15 out ristretto's following this and it's actually really good :mrgreen: Worth a try. I guess the Italians know what they're talking about.


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You might want to try more espresso in your cup to tune to your taste.

My daily go to using the 200ml Loveramics egg cup is 23g of lighter roast (city+) in a 20g IMS basket for 46g output. I steam 100ml of milk in a Motta 25cl pitcher and am able to pour about 80% of the resulting microfoamed milk into the cup for what I call a cortado at @ 2:1 ratio of milk (unsteamed) to espresso in the cup.