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I must have found out about this from some earlier post, but it deserves another mention for those who steam small quantities of milk. My usual drink is a macchiato that uses about 1oz (by weight) of steamed milk. I had been using a 12oz pitcher for years, and couldn't steam less than around 4oz (all this with a Cremina) without having problems, so there was a lot of waste.

The Dailyart 5.4oz (160ml) "milk frothing jug" (got mine at Amazon) lets me easily steam 2oz of milk, with better foam than I was getting before. The only issue I have with it is that gets hot to the touch quite quickly. It's walls are thin. It's a big improvement overall. There are various sizes but I'm using the small 160ml size. ... 07SCYVZC8/

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Back in 2011, I bought a 5 oz. (150 mL) Tiamo pitcher from Orphan Espresso (now discontinued). It works great for milk for a classic cap in a 170 mL or so cup. I wish I had bought more than just one. These seem similar and are reasonably priced (showing at $10 today).

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Nice find. Ordered :D .

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Yep! Ordered, thank you for bringing to my attention.

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I ordered one too. Thanks!


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Mine arrived today. :) Thanks.

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Got mine too. Works just fine, even with my big 4-hole tip. 'Modern' Cortado/Piccolo Latté time! :wink: (by mass 1:3 espresso:milk)

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Ordered, thanks

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Motta lover here.
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Me too, but I believe the smallest Europa is 25 cL and the creamer is only 7 cL. Did I miss something around 15 cL? ... ilk%20Jugs