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#21: Post by emradguy »

Just made a nice cortado with little milk waste using the tiny DailyArt pitcher. This pitcher (which just arrived today) looks comically small on my bar next to the regular sized pitchers.

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#22: Post by beanman »

Now all of you have me wanting to expand my coffee choices with a cortado and others. :D
I'll have to order one, and maybe grab the one at this link also to compare that should be just a touch smaller than the Dailyart.

This one looks to be 5oz/150 ml to the brim with graduation marks at 2 and 4 oz, 80 and 130ml, and 2.1" diameter 2.4" tall. ... B01E73TG4G

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#23: Post by beanman »

I decided to order the 5 oz/150 ml milk picture I linked above, and also a pair of 5.4 oz JoyJolts borosilicate cups.
Yep, a 5 oz picture is small!
And cortado's are great!
Here's a pic with the 5oz picture, a 2 oz espresso cup, the 5.4 oz borosilicate cup, and my 500ml Motta.

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#24: Post by jwoodyu » replying to beanman »

Who's espresso cup is that? My ACFS are slowly giving up and that one looks pretty close.

I bought the little pitcher and love it to.

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#25: Post by beanman »

I think the espresso cups came in my Saeco espresso machine I bought about 20 years ago - came with 2 cups and saucers.
Seattle Coffee Gear sells a similar one. ... itasse-cup
Other major espresso retailers (Whole Latte Love, 1st Line Equipment, etc)
Or of course, amazon might have something you like. ... G_CUP&th=1 ... G_CUP&th=1


#26: Post by DaveB »

Jeff wrote:Mine arrived today and was a bit larger than I expected.

Although the Amazon page indicates 5.4 oz. (~160 mL), the pitcher "instructions" show 6.5 oz (~190 mL).
Measuring the capacity to the brim, it is about 215 mL.
Funny, I purchased a 5 oz pitcher a while back for cortados, to steam 2 oz milk for the 4 .5 oz drink. The problem is that it's quite challenging to keep the whirlpool from lapping over the sides. I was thinking a 7 to 8 oz pitcher would be perfect, and here we have it! Here are the two side by side:

Here's the creamer pitcher I was using previously, which is perfect for 2 oz of milk. The downside is having to transfer after steaming to attempt any "art".

Cheers to the OP for the info and link to the pitcher. You should probably get a perk for all the sales you've generated. :D
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#27: Post by espressivo »

I agree the OP did us a great service. I've ordered a slight larger one than his that claims to be 200 ml capacity. But I might get the 150 ml one too. No doubt the standard 12 oz ones (355 ml) are a bit too large for my one cappuccino and I end up tossing out some milk every morning.