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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a new and unmodified ek43s to use with my Linea Mini and pour over. The Linea doesn't allow for much manipulation to take advantage of lower flow or pressure shots. I typically like to focus on medium roast single origin coffees and occasionally some medium to medium dark blends. I am currently using a 20 gram VST basket and have an IMS shower head. Additionally, WDT is part of my current prep routine.

I read about a huge variety of recipes taking advantage of the ek's capabilities but it can get overwhelming. Further complicating this is that many have installed Turkish burrs or SSP.

Can anyone offer any insights into the best approach or approaches for my current setup? Recipes, techniques, grind settings, etc.

For reference, I'm using a 20 gram dose, my current grind range for espresso is 1 to 1.8 with most coffees in the 1.3-1.5 range. My shots have been running 18-26 seconds. I have a 1.5 pre brew followed by 2 seconds off.

Thanks so much in advance!


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#2: Post by ira »

Since no one has answered, I'll give it a try. I'd start by saying that the traditional ekspresso as I recall required the ability to do long pre-infusion, something the LM Mini can't do. The EK depending on the burrs you have is a brew grinder that could be well aligned and then used for brewing light roast espresso in some machines, Slayers and a few others to begin with. I'd suggest it might be the wrong grinder for you and the machine you have, but I hope you prove me wrong.


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JonathanMichael (original poster)

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Thanks Ira...not encouraging, but I appreciate the feedback
. :)

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#4: Post by ira »

Hopefully someone who knows better well chime in. That's just my impression from reading lots of grinder threads. It's not a grinder I've ever really considered.



#5: Post by Nickriders »

Congrats on your grinder, without doing notification on the grinder or the machine, you likely have few option on hand to play with. What I mean by that is you can only play with dose and grind seize. I would start by trying dose from 15 and 18g basket, vst or ims, and play with the yield( from 1-1.2 to 1-3). You have an amazing setup, try and experiment with a coffee you like and go from there. Also, verifying the alignment on the Ek might be a good thing /then it's a rabbit hole, enjoy the journey!

JonathanMichael (original poster)

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Thanks! Any thoughts on under dosing a basket by several grams vs going down to smaller baskets? Too much head space possibly...

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#7: Post by njtnjt »

I have a Linea Mini and universally like the taste better when I dose 17 to 18gr in the 21gr baskets versus using the smaller 17gr baskets. I taste more depth to the brew without as many sharp edges.
Don't worry about headspace. It's a non-issue. You may want to try the smaller 17gr basket to see if you prefer the taste though...

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JonathanMichael (original poster)

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Great suggestion. I'll try a smaller dose in my 20 gram basket. Have you experimented much with the pre brew features?


#9: Post by Eiern »

I had good results with light espresso roast and EK43 in 1:2,5 ratio, and was served a tighter ratio shot at a cafe that was nice but different water and beans. Can probably go tighter on the ratio with darker roast but I'm not sure ristretto would ever taste good with EK burrs. I also would restrict flow and dial down pressure a little with a LMLM if paired with an EK. I agree lower dose in VST basket can work well. I'm at 18g in 20g VST, and have also been using paper or metal mesh filters on top with good results.

JonathanMichael (original poster)

#10: Post by JonathanMichael (original poster) »


Thanks for the feedback. I wish there was a way to dial back flow/pressure but I'm not aware of any.

In general, have you found shorter shot times to be preferable?