Getting the most out of light roasted coffee

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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I have a Londinium R24 currently and a Monolith Flat with the SSW burrs. I have had coffee that when using a pour over gives notes of blueberry which I love, but never get the same from espresso. Any tips on bringing some of these flavors through in an iced espresso?

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Can you give us some more info as to what you've tried this far and what the results have been?

There is no "more blueberry" technique that we can share with you in a vacuum. My generic advice with light roasts would be to try a high PI pressure (6 bar) and to try either a tight shot with a short ratio (like 1:1 with a long preinfusion and like 60s or longer total shot time) or try the opposite and shoot for a 1:2 shot with 10s or less PI and a 30s total shot time.

Trying both of these will frame up the range of flavors and textures you can get and help us make more suggestions as to how to minimize whatever off flavors might be hiding the blueberries and let them shine.


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